Arc magazine back page

Published: November 2015
Paul James: Editor
Light Collective: Curator
arc magazine #34

Light Collective has been the curator of the back page of arc magazine. We met in Mexico during my PechaKucha presentation. Months later I have been invited to describe my approach to light, which was published at the magazine #34.

Statement as follows:

Lighting Designer: A visceral professionMy Light is the immaterial material in a spatial context. I use it to deconstruct, to conceal or to reveal a form. My Light is the spatial information’s carrier. I believe light transfers the information to the user about a form or place. With no light I just wonder. With light I start to wander in space collecting data about its void and texture or coziness. My Light has no size as a visual element. It cannot be scaled down. Every tiny lighting effect [shadow, reflection etc.] of an object could be the inspiration for an urban-scale project and vice versa.

I am inspired by observing light as a spatial element not only on a visual level but also in the context of emotional and physical response. I am looking for light as an immaterial material, as an information carrier, as a cross- scaling element. My creative challenge is to find out how I could use light in order to create an emotional situation in a user’s perception, which can't be simulated it or drawn or modeled on a computer.