arch & light

Foteini Kyriakidou

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From the building scale to the furniture scale the approach is the same. Human centered, respecting the final user’s needs, the architectural development includes all these phases that transforms an idea to solid space.


In most of the projects parallel to the architectural development, a full daylight analysis is done, so the building form follows the daylight design principles. That is, good quality of daylight, low use of artificial lighting as possible, keeping in mind that daylight may affect building temperature.

Lighting Design

Artificial light is treated as an extra material of architecture. It emphasizes both practical and emotional the architectural form. At the same time, low energy consumption, light quality and photometric standards are taken into consideration. Special lighting fixtures may be produced in order to cover special luminaries needs.


I was born in Athens Greece 1981 and I hold a Diploma in Architecture since 2006 and a Masters in Lighting Design since 2008. [Diploma in Architecture, Volos Greece 2006 Master in Architectural Lighting Design Stockholm Sweden 2008].

My life since then is a design journey between the fields of architecture, interior design, artificial and natural lighting design.
Every one of my projects is a living organism, which I follow its evolution through the different design phases, from concept design until project management and construction.

Thus, the final result is a consequent of the initial concept idea, that was born somewhere between mind and soul.